Activity 4.3 Where am I now?

Philosophy of Teachnology

TPACK and the concept of having a Teachnology Philosophy are ideas that have emerged with the rise of technology and its growing degree of prominence in society. Due to the world’s increasing economic and social dependency on technology, there has been a heightened demand for the upcoming generation to be aware of the available options and for teachers to foster a degree of proficiency.

1. One of the most ineffective ways I find that teachers use technology is via text-only PowerPoints, that are then presented verbatim. While I appreciate PowerPoint presentations, I find that when they are read, with no supplementary information or interaction, that the instructor might as well read out loud a printed page from a book.

2. The most effective way I have seen a teacher use technology is a more difficult consideration, largely because I have not had very many teachers use technology in class, outside of projectors. The most memorable use, however, and therefore, perhaps most effective, was likely my homeroom teacher’s decision to start streaming the live broadcast on September 11, 2001, after the first plane hit the Twin Towers.  Although I remember vividly that the resolution was poor and choppy, I have always appreciated his flexibility and willingness to disregard his teaching plans, to allow for a different, but valuable historical ‘lesson’. In the end, while 9/11 does not hold much personal significance for me, the teacher’s incorporation of technology in that moment has always made the gravity of the incident slightly more tangible, as well as memorable, in ways a documentary or a post-event news coverage cannot come close to replicating.



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