Activity 2.3 Multimedia Reflection

This presentation below, hopefully shows evidence of the creation, growth and participation in a new professional learning network (i.e. Twitter)  developed for this module, among others explored over the first four weeks of the Fall 2012 Semester.

To create the presentation, I chose Animoto as it was the option I was least familiar with (the others being Prezi and Powerpoint) and was really interested in learning. While I found it to be an excellent resource and platform to produce some visually interesting presentations, I found the limited space for text to be a huge obstacle. I also struggled with the 30 second time restriction, multiple error messages and several failed attempts to render. After many delays, I finally chose to upgrade for the month to help rectify the situation. This decision allowed me to finally finalize the video, increase the length and export it to Youtube. Unfortunately, however, it did not improve the text allowance. If anyone one has any tips or suggestions (other than further upgrades) regarding this matter, I would really appreciate them. Thanks so much!




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