Activity 6.3 – Digital Citizenship Reflection

I believe that digital citizenship needs to interwoven into the general school and classroom fabric. While a course strictly on digital citizenship could be beneficial, I believe that unless it is put into context, it may be difficult for students to integrate it into their day-to-day activities. I think, therefore, that it is crucial that instructors highlight its relevance in a multitude of subjects and model them to demonstrate responsible digital behavior in that environment. 
By doing so, hopefully the responsibilities associated with being a digital citizen will become second nature and comparable to the various everyday facets that encompass being a citizen of a nation.  The challenge for teachers is to encourage students to inject it into the daily routine, without it being mundane.

As aforementioned, I would incorporate digital citizenship into classroom activities by trying my best to make it relevant to subject at hand. For example, I would model a high school history lesson pertaining to the bystander effect. While the actual content would look at various historical figures, who decided to refuse to abide by the status quo and the impact they had in doing so (e.g. Corrie Ten Boom etc). I would then encourage students to apply this concept to the digital world and challenge them to stand up to the wrongs they see online and become active participants in changing the situation, as well as not contributing to it in the first place. This message would then be reinforced with appropriate visuals (such as the posters created this past week on – posted under “Week 6”).

Generally, each subject matter will require different approaches and degrees of emphasis (for math it may be as simple as reading the terms and conditions for a related game, before agreeing to play it). In the end, however, I believe by first modeling the use of technology correctly it becomes a great springboard for further digital citizenship education.


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