Activity 8.2 – Using Social Media Effectively and Ethically in Education

Classroom Social Media Considerations…
(Using Thoughtboxes: Screenshot under Print-friendly version below)
A checklist with various questions one may ask oneself before deciding to use a piece of Social Media in the classroom.
  • Is one permitted to use the respective Social Media tool at the school (as well as school district) one is currently teaching?
  • Have you confirmed with one’s respective school whether it can be utilized?
  • Will the Social Media tool enhance the learning experience of the class?
  • How will it enhance the learning experience?
  • What type of restrictions or rules will need to be in place when using this Social Media tool?
  • What are the repercussions if rules are broken?
  • Will ALL students in the classroom have easy access to the Social Media tool in question?
  • Does the school have the required equipment (i.e. computers etc.) for students?
  • Will it be easily integrated?
  • Have you selected the best tool, Social Media or otherwise, available to you?
  • How will one, as an instructor, be able to successfully monitor the activity on the chosen Social Media platform?
  • Will you have the time and means to do so?
  • How’s the use of the Social Media tool relevant to the course work in question?
  • What is the key purpose?
  • Is the Social Media tool going to be used within the classroom, outside of the classroom or both?
  • Have you verified its usage with parents?
  • What measures will need to be in place to ensure a safe learning environment for students?
  • Can sufficient measures be put in place?
November 04, 2012


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