Activity 12.3b – Classroom Presentation (SlideRocket)

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 9.30.22 PM
For this week’s activity, I decided to explore SlideRocket, as I really wanted to become less dependent on a single presentation platform (i.e. PowerPoint) and had to date, failed to come across a competing option (while Prezi is decent, I still found it to be wanting when compared to PowerPoint). In order to “test drive” this product, I decided to complete a brief presentation on the TPACK framework introduced in EDIT 202’s Week 4 and experiment with the various features available via SlideRocket.

TPACK Framework – SlideRocket Presentation

Element 1: To start off the presentation, I decided to incorporate the formal definition of TPACK, as defined on the website (on slide 2) , so to get the discussion started. Generally, I tried to keep the presentation minimalistic, with small amounts of text and complementary images (from my personal collection of images).

Element 2: On the three slides that followed the definition, I chose to define each component of the TPACK framework individually (slides three to five), before summarizing the framework with the TPACK diagram on the sixth slide. I chose to not incorporate any additional text on this slide, as the diagram is quite visually complex and would provide much opportunity for discussion or elaboration.

Element 3: Before the discussion question, I inserted a brief video that somewhat challenges/inspires instructors to consider their roles as designers/creators and how they can utilize the TPACK model to improve their teaching method. I thought this would be useful to include as it would be a great springboard for the question that was to follow.


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