EDCT 400 – Intro to Carpentry Project I

For one of my ‘ED option’ courses, I decided to venture off into the unknown and tackle something outside of my proverbial “comfort zone” … carpentry!

I will be chronicling my trials and tribulations right here, and hope that I will have more of the later to share, but will have to wait and see… regardless, looking forward to the journey!

What is it all about?

Intro to Carpentry Project I course is designed:

  • To give participants first-hand experience in the theory and practice of         project-based learning.
  • To develop woodworking skills and knowledge.
  • To make connections between Career and Technology Studies and other curricular areas.
  • To have students/teachers research, design and construct a piece of furniture, cabinet or other woodworking project with the type and complexity to be determined by the student’s interests, experience, skills, available time, tools and facilities.

This blog category will be dedicated to posts that record/document personal reflections on research, design and construction phases as well as comments about class discussions and how various process can be used in the classroom.

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