Journal Entry #1

During this past Saturday’s carpentry class, I have to admit that I felt rather like a fish out of water, especially as we were making our push sticks (*see below). As a Social Studies Major, my fingers have become rather adept at typing or penning an essay, but are found to be wanting when it comes to other skills. That precise reason, however, is one of the catalysts that inspired me to sign up … that, and my “Tischler” Opa …


The appealing, and yet equally daunting, portion of this course is the opportunity it provides to choose one’s own project. When trying to decide on my carpentry project, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my brother, regarding the Amish, which triggered the idea of trying to tackle something with yesteryear roots. As a result, I designed a simple, knock-down, “nail-less” bench, (potentially with chess/checker board inset *see below) to be supported by mortise-and-tenon joints.


With designing done, however, now comes the hard part… getting the right materials (if possible, I would like to take a “green” approach, by using my Opa’s scraps of old wood – if they are usable and identifiable…. *see below) and constructing it.

IMG1659(Below: Close up of the three pieces of wood above – last one has 2 sides varnished)


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