Journal Entry #3

Since this past week’s class overlapped with the May (Victoria Day) long weekend, the ability to continue our projects in the shop were put on hold for an additional week. Considering that we had a little extra time outside of the class, I thought it would give me the opportunity to try and actually create a CAD drawing of my design.

I was first introduced to CAD programs about 10 years ago in high school and while I  had the opportunity to further hone my skills in the few years that followed, they have been completely dormant for the past seven years. It was, therefore, not too surprising to find out that my poor laptop’s graphics card (bought new six years ago) was now too outdated to support even the oldest AutoCAD student version (2011).

house copy

As a result,  my idea to challenge my outdated CAD skills, remains untested. Nonetheless, I have not entirely given up on the thought, as I think if one were to ever have others (i.e. students) complete this project, having a set of working drawings and instructions would be crucial. Worst case scenario, if time allows, I might just have to draft it using the “old school” approach – paper and pencil – just as my Opa did…

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